Zasha Smith

Chief Operations Officer

Zasha is a licensed civil engineer on Maui in Hawaii who worked for 10 years at a private firm managing and designing grading/underground utility construction plans for hotels, shopping centers and subdivisions of $100 million+ while leading and supervised teams of 20+ members including construction laborers, external contractors and junior engineers.

She’s now a full-time real estate investor who's built her $4.6 million residential portfolio of single family, multi family and short term rentals in Hawaii while also making a profit of over $1 million fixing and flipping 19 projects across the US in the last 3 years while raising over $5 million in funds from private investors for her short term projects. Most of Zasha’s rentals have Section 8/HUD tenants and she sells most of her flips to first time home buyers to help those in need as she grew up in low-income housing with a single mom and put herself through college while having her first child.

She expanded to large commercial investments in January 2022 as part General Partner of three separate properties totaling 507 units with a combined value of $99 Million. Her latest acquisition is a 13 acre, 48 pad site RV park in Branson, MO where she holds majority ownership and closed in February 2023. Zasha’s mission is to help build wealth while making an impact and is growing a large online presence with over 100k followers across social platforms. With her background in analysis, a talent for networking, and her experience as an owner and landlord from humble beginnings, she’s able to identify and offer strong investing opportunities while helping her investors diversify their capital into several real estate asset classes.

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