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January 24, 20243 min read

"I don't need to trade stocks to invest in a mutual fund.

And I don't need to buy my own properties to invest in real estate."

- Rise Capital

My area of expertise is in managing multifamily. But that’s not all I invest in.

I DIVERSIFY. I follow Water Buffet’s advice and DIVERSIFY to invest passively in things I’m IGNORANT about. Even though I get a higher return on my TIME managing multifamily investments, I invest my MONEY passively in deals that I’m not an expert at.


For many of you high achievers, your time is most valuable as a high-income professional or entrepreneur. For me, it’s as a real estate business owner. And many people who reach out to me ask about how to start their own real estate investing business so they can leave their 9-5.

But WHY?

Most of them not only feel a calling in their companies, but earn a HIGH INCOMES as IT professionals and data scientists, doctors, dentists, chiropractors, and pharmacists, attorneys and professors, real estate and mortgage brokers, pilots and trucking company owners.

They don’t want to work until they’re 65, but their specialized skills command a high compensation. Leaving that job to START OVER in a real estate investing career often WON’T earn more money, and if they’re not passionate about real estate, it just turns into a GRIND.

If you DON’T LIKE IT, people who do will outwork you every time!

But maybe you’re feeling BURNED OUT and need a change of pace? Maybe you’re feeling the GOLDEN HANDCUFFS? Instead of starting over in a new career in your forties, on the cusp of your HIGHEST EARNING DECADE, find experts to invest with!

Instead of running from a job to a new career, run toward early retirement. Retire on YOUR terms, working, starting another business or non profit, relaxing with loved ones, volunteering, serving. It's up to YOU what financial freedom looks like.


If you love buildings and serving residents like I do, I’m more than happy to help you change careers.

But if you just want to retire early, please don’t start a real estate investing business!

To be successful you’ll need to attract investors, and no one should ask for investor money who can’t wait to retire. They’re in it for the wrong reasons! Just don’t.

I know because I was in the same place before we reached financial freedom. I couldn’t wait for my husband to quit his job. I began to feel uncomfortable raising investor capital for deals that I didn’t want to run.

I was burned out too.

We lost an offer on a deal where I personally lost a lot of money, and I was RELIEVED! After digging deep to figure out why, I realized it was because I didn’t want to manage it for five more years. After that, I gave away managing partner on several of my deals.

Then at Thanksgiving 2022, my husband was laid off, freeing us from the 9-5 without having to make the tough decision. We had time to breathe, to think, to plan what our early retirement could look like.

We backpacked across Arizona for three months, and came back EXCITED to launch a fund with a TEAM to help others retire early too!


We can help you get there and become reinvigorated about your work again! Everything changes when you have "work optional" plan.

Create your SUNSET PLAN 🌅 so you can focus on what you’re best at, all while knowing you won’t have to be doing it until you’re 65👊🏻 You can define what financial freedom looks life for you and make that plan happen, but you don't have to do it alone!

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Emma Powell

Emma Powell is a seasoned commercial real estate investor specializing in multifamily properties. With a strong belief in the importance of knowledge and risk mitigation in investments, Emma has dedicated their career to mastering the art of passive real estate investing. Leveraging various financial tools, such as self-directed IRAs, 401(k)s, 1031 exchanges, dividend-paying whole life insurance, HELOCs, and discretionary income, Emma has successfully built a diverse portfolio while enjoying passive cash flow, tax advantages, and substantial returns.

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